Everyone looks the same.

It is hard to tell the difference.

You have probably spent a bit of time searching for a reliable development partner.  Most of the development company's sites look the same, say the same, it is almost impossible to separate the cream. 

I don't have a simple answer.  Ultimately you will have to do your research and trust your gut.  If you are interested in taking the next step with us, here is how we do it:

If you like what u see.

A wink. Shoot us a message and tell us a few bits about your project.

A dinner. We'll setup a time to discuss what you have going on.  Ask us anything you like, this one is free! :) We promise not to talk about the weather.

A movie?  Depending on step 2, see if there is a small and low risk piece in which we can start working together.

Meet the parents :) Figure the rest out later.