Our form of a pocket protector.

Here is break down of the tools we use on the day to day...

Source Control.

This one is important.  The source control system is a repository and protector of the projects source code.  It is critical in team development and should be used in any project.  We use Team Foundation Server by Microsoft.  This system is a central server to ensures all of your source code is safe, think of it as Microsoft Exchange server for software development.   Software source code is just a bunch of text files, albiet, expensive text files.  As the client, you should be concerned about the safe keeping and access to these files.

Screen Share

Sometimes you need to look at the same thing at the same time. We mainly use GotoMeeting by Citrix.  The latest version works great and supports many viewers at one time.  Also for one on one we use bigWebApps Helpdesk Remote Desktop Control to perform one on one live screen shares.


Skype is the goto application for voice communications.  Most of our day to day quick communication is done via instant messenger.  When we need to talk voice, we use skype with a good headset.

Bug Tracking

We use bigWebApps HelpDesk for ticket tracking.  This tool is perfect for the job, very easy for anyone to submit change orders into the software development cycle.

Screen Capture

Snag-it by Techsmith is our goto for screen capture.  It is a very simple tool to allow you to capture a screen, draw edits on this screen, and send them to the developers.  It saves hundreds and hundreds of typed words.  This tool does the heavy lifting for our development change orders and requirements.  I could write an book on using this application for software development.  It is non negotiable, all of our liasons must have this tool installed.

Instant Messaging

IM is the core of our communications for quick chats.  I know everyone has an opinion on what client or network to use.  We use MSN Messenger by Microsoft.  We had to standardize on one, and MSN messenger is it, we hope this is not a problem, it is required for all project liasons.

Micajah.Common Framework

A proprietary framework developed by Micajah.  It is a light weight UI layer that sits on top of Microsoft ASP.NET. This framework allows us to get a new application off the ground in days compared to weeks, and saves a non-calculable amount of hours for ongoing development. The framework handles many of the routine tasks each project must handle such as: Login/Logout, Add Users, Roles, Groups, Menus, User Profiles, Grids/Tables, Forms, Notices Areas.   Not to toot our horn, but to toot our horn, this thing rocks.  Soon we will be releasing it as an open source project with a dedicated website.