Strengths to consider.

Private Company.

We are motivated by forward thinking innovative projects.  We are not super interested in maintaining your classic asp site, unless you want to convert to .NET :) .  Being private, we do not answer to venture capitalist or anyone on Wall Street.  You will be talking directly to the people with total authority.

Eastern Europe.

Culture and work habits are close to United States culture and have a proven track record for complex engineering.

Extremely Low Attrition.

Low turnover dramatically improves long term project value by reducing training costs and project slow downs.

Complex Web Engineering.

Micajah and our Engineers have a track record of tackling complex web projects while keeping an eye on total cost and value.


You either have it or you don't.  We like to think we bring a realistic, fun, and value oriented attitude to the projects we participate.

Loose Requirements.

I read a lot of articles on the latest development methodology and about how they are going to build these great requirements docs.  I haven't seen to many of these  perfect documents on the projects I have been assigned. Normally you have a few pages, some screenshots, maybe a few emails, and a pat on the back.  We have developed some ways to get low doc projects off the ground while keeping the risk minimized. 

Micajah's Staff Come First

For full disclosure, we make decisions weighted in this order:  Micajah Staff, Client, then Investors.  Some people may not agree with this order.    In pubicly traded companies the shareholder is first, this means the best case scenario for the Client is still second place.  If we can attract and retain great talent to work for us, we will do outstanding work, good clients will come to us.  We try to keep great people by making sure we have cool clients with fun exciting projects.  If your project is not so cool, it could cause us to drive off great talent.  We are vigilant about keeping bad projects out.