Risky Business.

Sometimes risks are hard to see

New application development, although more interesting, has more risk. In general, software development is risky. It is essential these risks are mitigated in a few ways. To do this you need the right people on the team. When we say the "right" people, their ability to write JAVA, SQL, or some other coding language is the least of your worries.

The easiest way to lower risk is to reduce the size and complexity of the app. This sounds much easier on paper. In the real world, projects can have quite a few "cheifs" all with must have features. You must have someone strong and experienced to control this situation.

This requires someone that has seen projects go "bad". People without the first hand experience of a project gone bad will think more features equals a better application. This logic is fundamentally flawed. Micajah has the first hand experience seeing these projects and knows how to cut applications to their core. This critical skill reduces risk of project failure, reduces costs, and increases development speed. Unless you have years of software development under your belt, you will likely suffer feature creep, which if left unchecked, will lead to project failure. If you engage Micajah we will keep feature creep in check.